Stuck in the middle

Another step you try to take

another hopeless dreary fate

anoter road of broken hope

of wasted dollars and wasted dreams.


You try your best in school for years

you take the tests, you watch your peers

but now its time to move on up

but it's too bad that you are stuck.


Stuck in the middle, not below the line

to the point where on paper, your family looks fine

two parents, two jobs, what could be wrong?

"you can pay $60,000 a year in tuition, can't you mom?"


But the "no" doesn't come like a slap in the face

you know, its expected, in your middle-class  place

too much money for aid but too little to pay

for the school of your dreams


Stuck in the middle, here we are again

4 years and 10,000 for a quarter million a pop

now thats quite a big number you've got


Stuck in the middle, it's too much to pay

Stuck in the middle, when we will get our day

Stuck in the middle, it's time for a change

the system of education needs to be rearanged.





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