I'm stuck

in my head.

I've run out of luck

my brain and my heart; they bled.

I'm stuck

and I just want to get out.

Climbing through the muck

my head just screams and shouts.


I need change

I crave a new life.

Get out of my range

and start living without strife.

New people,

new world.

New people,

new world.


I want to fall in love

with a stranger.

I want to cry over

new heartbreaks.

I want to breathe 

new air.

I want to be

a new Me.


Do something I've never

done before.

See things I've never 

seen before.

Feel feelings I've never

felt before.

Be someone I've never

been before.











Leave my past in my past.

Get out of this town,

while my motivation lasts.

I'll find my own crown.


Explore who I truly am,

without anyone telling me 

who to be; I feel like a scam.

With this I decree:

I'm never going back

I'm never looking down.

I'm getting my things to pack,

and getting out of this town.


Whether I leave mentally

or physically,

I'm making myself scarce.

I need to find me.

I am stuck.

And I need to be free.

This poem is about: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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