The Struggle


The fight between what’s right and what is wrong,

To choose this disc or jam to other songs,

To listen to some pop or maybe rock,

To wear the purple t-shirt with these socks,

To do what others say or look inside,

To choose your words from self-doubt or from pride.

To paint a masterpiece or use crayons,

To tan at a salon or use spray-on,

Or maybe to use neither or use both,

To back away or take the sacred oath,

To eat a sandwich or buy greasy fries,

To tell the truth or live on only lies,

To curse a lot or punch hard at a wall,

To use courage or succumb to the fall,

To speak your mind or keep it to a squeak,

Or just embrace the fact it’s not your week.

Struggles tend to keep us up at night,

Like this vs. that or getting things just right.

People ask for answers and I show ‘em.

‘Cuz I end all my struggles with a poem.


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