The Struggle


the struggle when you hear those words what do you think of?​

Do you think of living from paycheck to pay check or not being able to buy those brand new jays?

I look at my life and see struggle written all over,

What you seen as a easy life wasnt,

Do you know how it feels to know your mother will skip meals just to feed you,

To see the bags under her eyes as she tried and tried to turn the simpliest cents into dollars,

You dont know how it feels,

To be crossed with both pain  and passion,

To crave to have the latest brands but remember you have to go home to a empty fridge,

For it to be december and you see the envelope in red as your gift,

Due...Past due...Final notice...Foreclosure,

To watch your mother do things she wish she never had to,

The bags cross her face from the many sleepless nights,

To watch as she used the last bit of her change to buy candels and a electrical grill because the heat or the lights are off,

To hear your mother cry herself to sleep every night because she wished for a better life for you,

You dont know how it feels,

For me to grow up,

Not at home with a mother...or father,

I have to pick or choose who to be with this day or that day,

To see your mother homeless without a place to go,

But your thinking about her constantly but she dont even know it,

To recieve that text from her that she wants to end her life,

You dont know the struggle,

You dont know the pain,

To run, TO scream, To cry,

To have to buy the cheapest not what you want,

To sleep in your car,

To go from shelter to shelter,

BUt being afraid of every man that ever touch you,

You dont know the struggle,

NO i'm not talking about not being able to buy some shoes or being on a budget,

I'm talking about THE STRUGGLE,

the times you look and all you have are the clothes on your back and family,

To not know what tomorrow brings,

Wither it's happiness or another bill,

To not know wither or not you want to spend money on clothes, school supplies or bills,

You dont now the struggle...My struggle.


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