The Struggle


United States
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These bones were made for breaking
and with this world full of greed,
No wonder it seems everything is shaking,
destroyed with no seed.
Take heed my young valiant and do the right thing,
these bones may break but you'll be the noble, the steed
That rides to a victory among catastrophe.
The struggle is real for I see it everyday.
My hands worked like a slave in these fields of ill pay.
All awhile making my way through education and giving back without turning the other way.
The struggle.
We know it, although some choose to neglect.
Get caught up in greed, lust, ill will and disrespect.
The struggle can cause the greatest of hearts to dwindle with age and ruin and rot.
Each day we see it like a cancer that should be cured
Only to find our efforts destroyed by the enemies absurd.
Not me you see because I've seen the struggle
and understand what it takes to arise a king from the jungle.
The jungle that is we call life, and with mine I look to destroy the whims of strife.
The struggle is real. The struggle we feel.
But what makes you a leader is how you take the struggle and deal.


Jesse Brown III

A poem from the heart

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