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These three words can be detrimental to anything.
They flow so nicely off the lip like it was spit spraying from a person with a lisp.
But they hold so much pain, so much anguish.
They come to destroy any happiness that is left.
It is these simple words that can take the very breath from someone.
To cause them to see no other route than to taste the pure,
Delicious blood that spurts out while you choke on these words.
You try to choke them down and try to hide them,
But they think otherwise.
These words can make a grown man fall.
They can make the strongest person crumble into thousands of tiny pieces.
They make a person leave reality alone and go into fantasy.
Dreams have become milk and honey of a person.
These three words do not discriminate against any race,
Shows equal pain to all.
It can tear a whole city down with a single flick of the tongue.
“Times Are Hard.”


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