Stronger Soul

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 13:53 -- Eme1294

No words could explain,

how I felt all this time.

All the pain and suffering that

became violence and discontent.

Nothing could be done,

no one could compare.

To the hurt and loneliness I felt.

This void was filled with

Many horrible actions that

I wish could be non-existent.

It tore me to pieces,

then swallowed me up.

Leaving nothing but an empty shell,

collecting darkness, gathering hate.

But it changed, something

Someone broke through.

Someone untied the chains and set me free.

I learned it was okay to cry,

To let my feelings out and,

 To be myself.

I learned that tear stains don’t fade but the memories

Become distant and strengthen the soul.

Here I am now,

Indulging in happiness that is not fake,

Having a smile even through my tears,

Knowing that everything is fine

And knowing that my love is stronger than diamonds, and

His being just as strong

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