Stronger than Despair

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 00:33 -- readgms


There was a time, a time I lied

A time when no one cared that I cried

To some it was because they didn’t know

To the rest it was for the sake of their show


Don’t show fear; be strong; be brave

Your misery is what these monsters crave


Avoid it? Believe me, I tried

But my pleas for change were all denied

We couldn’t afford it, one of many reasons

That I was trapped on a bus with my personal demons


Don’t show fear; be strong; be brave

They want to make your emotions their slave


I’d enter and race down the aisle

Trash showering down one me all the while

But more putrid still were the words in my ears

That taunted and degraded, seeking for my tears


Don’t show fear; be strong; be brave

Else these monsters will pull you to your grave


One full year I lived this Hell

Every day I resisted that mournful knell

My demons didn’t realize, for I wouldn’t tell

But to me, their ignorance was just as well


Silence—my fear my lips never did say

Life—I was lifting a huge burden every day

Continuing—I faced my fears to reach something more

Victory—I’m stronger and braver, and in life, I soar


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