Strong Army Man

They scream FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

He shoulders all the blame 

He's only one man

He's tried to be the best he can

But in the he is evil so they say

A murderer they say

His hands are stained with blood

But they don't see his present memory

They don't see the auto replay

His mind has set purely to torment him

All they see is a solider standing proud

They see rigid order and plans

They see stone.....

That is what he wants them to see

That is what they want to see

What would do if they knew

That the man they so quickly label as ruthless

Wakes at night with tears in his eyes

It is all right there in brilliant color

Every time he closes his eyes

He can't be seen as weak

He blocks everyone out just to keep the pain away

He pushes everyone away 

Because the look he sees in thier eyes

When they finally see the darker side of him

Is only one of shock and disappointment

He is supposed to be a strong army man

But really he is just barely keeping all the pieces together

He yearns for light out of the darkness of War.



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