The Strong

Love is a powerful word used by weak people.
Not one person can carry this word in their mouth without wanting to spit it back out to the closest person they know.
Weak people who commit the crime of forcing love into the hearts, minds, souls of others cater to the idea that love is terrifying.
Love is not patient, love is not kind.
The Weak do not choose to value the impact of the word,
Rather choose to value the authority.

The patience of love is lost in the haste of midnight lust.
Stuck underneath bedsheets and worry,
Patience is found rolling down cheeks and gritting between teeth.
Patience is lost through the screams of forgiveness,
But is found in selfish acts to earn it again.
Kindness should pass seamlessly from person to person,
Radiating virtue of the highest degree.
But love married with kindness creates a tainted mix when criminals misuse kindness to acquire power in a way that should only be genuine.
The abusage of kindness disguises love as innocent
Masking the terrors that love has to offer.
BECAUSE I LOVE YOU: the sorry excuse for every crime committed in a relationship.
Every high pitch scream.
Every fallen teardrop.
Every threat to leave.
Every hopeless feeling.
Although these crimes are not punishable in court,
The Weak leave their victims emotionally shattered while they walk free.

The Strong demonstrate what true love is, what healthy love is, and what it means to be loved.
The Strong take leaps of faith into the unknown void called “Love”.
Love could be found in the pupils of their soft eyes.
Love could be excavated from their sentences
When they make sure words are not left unsaid.
“Because I love you” is no longer an excuse,
But a reason for putting a smile on someone's face.
Being a shoulder to lean on.
Not allowing someone to feel helpless.
The Strong are proof that in some way
Love is patient, love is kind
And it's all because I love you.

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