Striving to Survive


I'm trying hard to fulfill my mission
But with all these snakes hissing
And all these people dissing
Trying hard not to listen
But it's difficult to hold back after seeing the guns glisten

Fighting, for sake of recognition
Not asking for permission
Dodging all the hate like an oncoming collision
Not being granted any intermission
Not holding back or giving them remission

Sometimes I wish my life was just fiction
So I can simply turn the page over
And regain my composure
But it's never that easy
No one in life is here to please me 
I'm all I've got
Until the day my clock stops
And even though I'm a joke
Through the eyes of the folks
I'm ahead of the game
And I'll never be the same
I just wanna go where everybody knows my name
I'm going insane
I can never be tamed
Trying to succumb to the novacane 
To at least catch a glimpse of this myth called fame


Why do people even try...
If after all this mess there's still no lullaby?

When it's all said and done...
Even when it's all over, have you even begun?

What's the point of this line?
You probably wouldn't care if it didn't even rhyme

What's the point of lyrics...
If all you really like is whack beats and gimmicks

The devil is a lie
But I can hear him breathing by my bedside
Trying hard to stay alive
But in a world like this
I can't seem to figure out why...



Hey man, I like your lyrics. We should collaborate sometime.

Em Anekaf

The breakdown in this poem was really, really good. I have mad respect for anyone who can write a good breakdown since most of mine suck, ha. Seriously, good job.


Respect! my dude keep your head up and focus on the good in life.


Repetition is amazing!


All I can say is WOW amazing! Life is hard most of the time so I love breakdown poems for many reasons it takes a lot of guts to share what you have wrote.

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