Strings Attached/ You v. Me

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 13:03 -- lizann

You versus me

Is that what from now on will be?

I am here with her now

You there with him in that town

Last night I made her cum

You thought last night he could run

Except you say that he is good for you

Why are you doubting that your love is true?

I never doubt mine she loves me strings attached 

But she cuts her hands on the strings as she has latched

so hard now can she even turn back?

Your strings with him may start to whither away

Doubt fringes as you tear with each fray

But mine are so strong they could form a nice bow

And create the most pathetic attempt at a love ballad you know 

I feel comfort with her in all the ways you overthink with him

But you shouldn't be able to overthink love

What I learned without you was what I don't think you ever learned

Love is just love

Full strings attached





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