A string

If I have one day left on Earth, I would choose to look at his face

Cherish, treasure and replace

Tell me Zeus, why you did it ?


I light up a fire to see a dust

Endymion, Endymion, Endymion

I love, I adore and I’m obsessed with you

I hate, I regret and I’m not forgiving you

In the dark cave, you’re right by my side but can’t be touched

You bring the eternal youth in your dream and never wake up

You don’t know what type of heart you gave me

You don’t know and you will never get to know

I’m the moon Endymion, I’m the moon of tears

It’s just I run away from luck, love and fear


If I have one day left on Earth, I would choose to look at his face

While mesmerizing all day

I stumbled into a desert

Through the reflection of a moonlight

I saw and called you moonchild


Moonchild don’t sleep

I locked my gaze on you for a while

A stack of bag under those eyes

And I know this night ain’t the first

The sky, the light and the dark

Shouldn’t those create a lullaby

To walk you through your sleep, moonchild?

But now why are you up?

Shattering your soul and glaring at the moon

You hang on me to live

Or at least to pass through the night

I look at you like a reflection of mine

Longing, hurting and defeat

When the dawn comes up, I vanish

But I don’t wish to see you any other night


If I have one day left on Earth

I would choose to look at his face

Day by day, by day

Until the endless horizon doesn’t seem endless

I will dedicate my heart and heal my soul

But hey I pump into you again, moonchild

What is your name, young kid?

Now you’re asleep and I’m relieved

But it wouldn’t even take you a minute

Before you jump out of your bed

Sweaty, worried and swallow down on your throat

Again, you couldn’t sleep

You switch your gaze to the beautiful circle hanging on your window

Your windows of soul sharpen, deepen and strengthen the spot

You said you can’t

You can’t what? I asked

When you lay your back on the bed

The sheet feels nice and that makes you alive

But once you close your eyes, the world is spinning in your head

You are blind in this darkness

Two years ago, when you opened your eyes

You were on a flight across the ocean

From Vietnam to the States

From Asia to America

One year later, you opened your eyes

You were on another bed in Georgia

A giant window is next to your pillow

And you saw the moon every night

Another year later, you flickered opened your eyes

Here you are across the country in California

And that’s how you can’t close your eyes because the next minute when you open your eyes

You will be on another planet

Still, you linger to identify

You have no voice, no language and you don’t speak

You have no soul, no culture that you belong

You are just you


Either you’re rich or you’re poor

You will be safe under a roof

And that place is called home

But a storm bang in and sweep you out all of it

You wander around the Earth to search for your shell

To push away the emptiness of your bed sheet

To find a sweet moment called “Home”

Unfortunately… you just don’t have it


If I have one day left on Earth

I would choose to look at his face

Although the desire was not strong like yesterday

Still, I want to do it

I rush so the night comes quicker

Moonchild, there you are

It’s late just as always

Under the moonlight, you walked

Your eyes closed and your barefoot touched

You stepped on the empty road and said there is no meaning

You said: “Today becomes tomorrow and tomorrow will soon be called yesterday”

Switching moon to sun, dawn to dusk, day to night

But you are the same old you

The fear like honey sticks to you effortlessly

The uncertainty visits you everyday like an uninvited guest

It’s not like you don’t try

You try to run but they break your legs

You try to crawl but they drag you down and slide you back

Anxiety covers your head and ambition puts a poison in your soul

It’s not like you don’t want to fly up high to the sky

Your wings are broken

Just like the Icarus’s wings, you tried to climb up

But the sun burned you down and torn apart your clothes

Exposed your skin to the sun’s heat

Your heart beats but it was painful

Your knees are bruised, your wings are ripped off and you are a totally broken machine

In and out, physically and mentally

In the moment, you heard a loud honking noise comes up

A car heading towards you in headlight flashing, loud noises and….. CRASH!!!


You fell, moonchild

The ground quickly becomes a red river

You eyes shifted to the moon and whispered: “I have died so many times”


Oh Zeus, please don’t 

If I have one day left on this Earth, I would chose to push away

The pain, the loss that kid faces

Whether it’s a wish or a promise

For us, it’s a string of fate


Moonchild, it’s tonight

I come to see you at bed

I slightly brush your hair

And your eyes were opened with worry

I place my finger on your mouth

You sat back down and asked: “Why are you here?”

I answered: “I’m always by your side”

You smile and say: “That’s right”

I hold your hand, caresses your hair and place a kiss on your forehead

“It’s fine to be asleep” I said 

“You will be alright, don’t worry, you sweet

Nothing will happen to you I promise

Lastly, remember I will never leave”

You protest and say that you are scared

You say eventually I will leave

Just like everyone else you have witnessed

I hold your hand and say: “When the sun comes I vanish but that doesn’t mean I never exist”

Although I never appear in front of your face,

You know that I exist

 Since that’s how we are connected

Two broken hearts become soulmates 

You smile and fall back to sleep

Whether this is your illusion or I have granted a wish

I know you have become my happiness


If I have one day left of Earth

I would choose to let him go

It wasn’t easy to say so

But I said: “Thank you for all the love”

I hold our love as a memory

When time passes by, it might be faded

It’s sad but I need to let you know

That I can’t hold your hand any longer

But this time it will get easier 

Since it wasn’t a force

And I’m ready to let go. 


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