The bubonic stain of a modern era,

Many entries, 

Will drive a man up the wall, 

Totally crazy.


Very subtle in its origins,

Slowing it down isn't easy,

Effects, lots of a middle aged kind,

Taking life, eventually.


Physical signs are not always clear,

Emotional clues everywhere,

Shouting & Swearing at those you love,

Happens constantly.


Longer it goes, the worse you know,

Compounding effects, massively.

Feeling down, fight the effects, 

Always unhappy. 


Many solutions out there,

Keeping healthy,

Creating time out of a constant mix,

Slowly down, relatively.


Fitness bonanza everywhere,

Post your pic's on insta, many selfies,

Whats haeppenin to people nowadays, very self centred,

There's no community.


Days of years gone by, 

People digging in together, jointly,

Culture of life upside down, tech everywhere,

Connecting more globally.


Never before, many people unsure,

Being single & lonely,

Life has changed, no-one gives a fuck,

Culture shift, insanely. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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