Strength From Within

i try
that’s what it is
to be human
to try
when all
you want to
do is cry

i’ve failed
so many times
i’ve broken
too many hearts
i haven’t been
the silver
locket around
my neck
has been torn

it was ripped from
my throat
like so many
i watched
as it fell
through cracks
and through

it held all
my hopes
my memories
the war
but now i’m
in battle
i can’t swim
for shore

i let the words
stab me
with their i’s
and their swirls
they’re so pretty
these words
like tiny black

but they mean
only cruel
those innocent
they have the power
to destroy
the strongest
of hearts

i can’t tell
them their words
hurt me
as the blood
spills from within
i keep quiet
and silent
my voice
in the wind

i’ve drowned
so many times
in an ocean
of pain
all i want
is to
be free
but i can’t swim
with my heart
in a locket
that’s been
stolen from

but i get up
i swim
i find the strength
from within
even though
my legs fail me
my arms
are weak
and all i want
is to give in

but i try
i try to be human
i try to be brave
i try to find
what i’ve lost
what’s been taken
i try to be strong
i try though
i’ve failed
i’ll try again
and i’ll say
what before
i couldn't


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