Street Chronicles part 2

They spend the block in 3 black Apollis. And 2 all black bombed-out minivans. Caught up with them niggers and left their bodies riddle with holes the size of soda cans. Play boy was caught up in his emotions all high up off that lean. I can't believe he took that blunt and kerosene. And turned his own family house into a quadruple murder and arson scene. It's still haunting to hear them children scream. Yo listen "Fuck that nigga" we caught him wearing a wire. We stripped him butt naked and pulled out his tongue with the pliers. At trial I stood up and called all 3 of the DA star witnesses liars. Max Millions accuse me and Yellow Boy twice. Of stealing 5 keys he kept hidden. In his Old School 68 Chevy Good Year tires. All I know is him and his man was on the corner rappin. Some sexy redbone bicth pull up in a Porsche coupe and started clappin. All we had to cover their faces was a jacket and some napkins. He pulled his burner first. But he got hit the worst. A week later we was walking past his hearse. He told him to put his weapon down and drop to his knees. Even his Mommy his Auntie's his little Sister and Baby Mama was telling him to listen please. He didn't listen he pointed his gun a squeezed. Cop's shot him so many times his body spend 3-60 degrees. 10 to the face, 20 to the back, 8 in the stomach, 12 in the chest, 15 in the arms and 10 in both knees. He both 4 niggers from OT to do a home invasion. But them niggers knew the drop. Waiting on them was 3 niggers and 7 semi automatic Glocks. I estimate that to be about 220 shots. They waited for all them to run inside. That's when you heard the first pop. 5 minutes later the shootin and the screamin still haven't stopped.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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