This song is for the outcasts
This song is for the ones who are always turned away
This song is for the misfits
This song is for the strays

The ones who were born with bad luck from the start
This is for the shunned and mistreated
This is for the ones who have to cry in the dark

This song is for the ones who hide their pain and broken hearts

Knowing that they are the ones who always seem to cause a problem everywhere they go
Because they look different or talk different
They already know

That the signs are excluding them from society
The right to refuse service to anyone
That means you and me
No matter what we have done
I never fit in and never will
I'm a stray, I'm a misfit
And years later I'm a outcast still
Never wanted to be
It's just a curse that dwells in me

We are strays
The ones society can not stand
Always the target for society's bull shit
We are the strays of the Earth
The misfits
The outcasts
Ever since birth
Marked by bad luck
We are strays
Being turned away
God bless these strays

Our judgement day is every day
Because they judge us all the time
Punished for being different
I guess being myself is a damn crime

I try to do my best to keep out of trouble as much as I can
But it seems to me like trouble and myself go hand in hand

Sorry for being the way I am
But I can't help the way I was born
But all the sorries in the world won't stop the bull Shit from happening
When life is nothing but a full on shit storm

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

I was always the black sheep of the family
The one who always did things wrong
I use to wonder why I was cursed since birth
Now I guess I should've known all along

That I was born a misfit
I was born an outcast
And for me, I know nothing good ever lasts
Strays, we learn fast

That when you're a stray life can be tough
People shooing you away and saying that you're never good enough
Everything you done
You failed as you tried
Then get punished for messing up again
Then get punished if you cry

Crying is not allowed for you and me
This song is for the ones who no one should see
Crying at all cause all it will get is being hit and grounded again
You wanna be free
But you can not win

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)


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