To the Strawberry Women and...

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 14:45 -- iamjude
I write to no direct audience.
These words are not racist.
These words do not discriminate, or mistreat.
These words are meant for anyone, anywhere.
These words are simple, peaceful, and for you, always.
I write for the People.
I write for the Women
of All Colors - Chocolate,
Caramel, Vanilla, and Strawberry
I write for the men of honor,
children of Spring, Summer, and Winter.
I write for the politicians who sit
in their office, buried in pamphlets,
forgetting the smell of inspiration,
culture, art, and romance.
I write for the Sun and the Moon
who have raised me into a woman
who doesn't fall, but climbs in love with men.
And stars.
And suitcases.
And spirit!
I give them these words and in return, they
give me butterflies that flap their
wings and perish all prejudice, pain,
and petty predicaments.
I write for old lovers who
left me with heartache and hardship
and half-filled glasses of wine.
I write for new lovers who
will soar with me in South America
and make calls-to-action with me in Cuba.
And I write.
Write to remind the world of
the themes of our life that matter:
love, faith, passion, knowledge, and happiness.
Write to remind the world that
the soul is married to the Smile.
And when I write, I smile.
And when I smile, I live

and I love living.


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