Strawberry Fields Forever

Yellow swamp flowers stand like sentinels along the waterway,

Their faces beaming broad grins;

For they keep a secret

With fairy like wonder,

Finding it to be the greatest humor –

An inside joke amongst themselves.


It’s a secret they are unwilling to share,

But brings a mystified smile –

A feeling of wonder and awe

To those who pass by.


In the distance, butterflies dance

In sync like ballerinas

Performing A Midnight Summer’s Night Dream.


As far as the eye can see,

Fields full of green.


Summer’s bounty

Summer at its apex.


A humming sound fills the air;

Hundreds of bees

Moving from field to field,

Doing their jobs.


Powerful rays beam down

Casting a fiery blaze everywhere it touches.


The Beetles –

Strawberry Fields Forever

On repeat in my head,


A feathery breeze passes by

Bringing with it the faintest smell of roses and wildflowers;

Everything’s good,

Everything’s in order.


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