Stranger in my mirror.

Loved by many coming from a place that searched to be free. Who am I? I’m not sure anymore this person I’m looking isn’t so strange anymore. The dead has risen seeking my hindsight because the experience is gone force feeding me this plate of distress where did I go wrong? Who am I again, do you know? The person I am looking at isn’t so strange anymore. His remembrance has always knocked at my could someone give me directions back to me? A place I thought I could never be, a place where I was door to tell you the truth I only closed his foot in the door. I think I know who I am now. Wait that is who I desired to be all the while on the inside I am a literal freak…Look at me what have I become? Nothing short of mothers promise that I would be scum…Who am I? Who could I be, someone look at me outside a wall is being built around me. A wall so dense my soul is trying to escape. If this is life you can have it back, my future isn’t my future so take it back…I know who I am, I am the man made of solid matter, that doesn’t matter. They say the human body is made up of 75% water…so excuse me while I cry a river.



This poem is so deep and written with pure emotion.The fact that you used a great number of questions made it seem like I was really in your mind, listening to your thoughts. This poem definitely takes the reader on a journey, as you go from wanting to discover who you are to discovering who that person is and deciding where to go from there.

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