You're my tall, dark stranger,

That comes out of the night; 

And turns me on to everything,

And makes it feel all right.

You satisfy my lust,

And fulfill my every need;

I'm swept up in temptation,

And you are in the lead.

You're kisses are so passionate,

You're love-making so wild;

The moments we're together;

Are anything but mild.

I long to hold you're body,

I love it when you're near;

You really turn me on;

When you whisper in my ear.

I know it's time to leave,

But my heart is crying "NO"!;

My emotions over-take me,

Cuz' I hate to let you go.

I urge for you to stay,

I beg with all my might;

But then my tall, dark stranger,

Disappears into the night.


~Yvonne Renee Moore


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