The Stranger


United States
40° 33' 19.9728" N, 74° 10' 57.7632" W

I saw a stranger on the street one day,
He came over and asked if I wanted to play.
I said yes, and we went to the park.
We played all day until it was dark.
And when we were done,
He took off a suit, a tie, a hat, even a boot.
When he was finished he said to me,
"Look already, can't you see?
I have three eyes, six arms too.
Tell me, what is wrong with you?"
"Just look at me, I have toes of steel,
and a nose like a steering wheel.
I have five legs, I have two mouths.
The birds even say I'm too ugly to go south."
"Say it now, and say it here,
Of me a dog would have tons of fear.
I'm so ugly, just hear me out,
But you don't have to scream or shout."
I said to him, "Not another word.
I don't care what you look like, I don't care at all.
I am blind, as you may not know,
Everyone treats me like a crow.
Nobody likes me, nobody likes you.
Us be friends, who would have knew?"


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