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This mirror must be deceiving me, This reflection isnt me
Blinded by the luxuries of this temporary life i lost my faith.
A mask of complete composure but its threating to slip off.
Who is this stranger? So insecure, so easily manipulated, so lost.
Trying so hard to blend in with these colors of chaos, who are you ?
Beautiful Stranger. Men fantisize about caressing you. Why do you provoke them?
Confused Stranger. You know what you deserve, What are you waiting for ?
Lost Stranger. Home is right here, Why are you indulging this fast paced life?
Self Esteem so low but no one would ever know.
Scorpian Queen. Show yourself the way out of these Mirajed deserts
Haunted by the morals that you always put these men above.
Love doesnt exist to you. Extinction.
Feeling so alone with all this attention
Attention that is just waiting for you to ruin everything.
Head held high patiently waiting.
Waiting for what ?
For this stranger to reveal herself.



I really like how the poem is literally only about someone looking into a mirror, and the resulting thoughts and reflections are all packed into the meat of the poem; it's honestly a great setup. The subject matter itself, while introspective and revealing, never really degenerates into simple observation--things are kept tight and sharp. My favorite line is "Haunted by the morals that you always put these men above." This is such a simple line, but it is so very effective.

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