Strange Waves


Brother Im feeling what you're going through, if it's any concilation we both know the truth

I know it looks impossible but can you see? All the tools lie in front of you

No scams or a substitute unless ya really know what you up and jumped into

Now it's uncomfortable these are motions that you gotta get accustomed to

Cant be the same, ev-ery day, restart the game, connect to play

Humans of humor there's winners and losers commuter computers for minimum wage 

Never know better content where they stay, unless a professor will give them a grade

Or if it's for extra pay and a raise, all that we're trying to do is sustain

Secrets are hidden locked inside your brain, power got hold of the key and remained

Safe, til the corruption sept into the faith, conning us at an expendable rate

But I feel great, here in my place, connected part of it I cant explain

Inside of verses the purpose ingrained, only gets deeper out under the waves




I really like this. It's a perfect description of how things work in our weirdly corrupted world. I like how you don't fall into the madness. Seriously, keep up with the good work :)

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