Stranded or not is the question

I was on an island and Stranded

so I thought

or was I abandoned?????


I sit hear and think all by myself

oh the thoughts ......

what to do about my Health?


I go back to when I was a child

and wonder what would I do

would I run, scream , or go wild?


No stop and think I say to me

nothing can hold you back

unless you give up and let it be


no no no that wont be the case

I can only think clear

and know as a child there was always home base


home base is your Brain

with a Brain you can think

its the one thing id request if i were stranded

to keep me sane

so with a wink

BOOM my brain expanded!


The real question was not what i thought

never stranded or abandoned

Just misplaced and  distraught.


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I love to think outside the box. always look at things in a postitive way so the outcome is good.

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