Stranded on an island; isolated from society.

I wonder why this would happen to me, what act has brought this misfortune upon me?

Sounds of cities, people, and cars alike, become a distant memory in what would seem overnight.

I cannot remember the last conversation I had that was not with myself.

I cannot recall what items I had sitting on my vanity.

However, I do remember the definition of insanity.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


Each day I awaken and the test of survival begins.

I am exhausted physically as I travel miles inland for food.

I can hear the creatures speaking to one another, waiting for me to fail.

“He is waning,” they whisper, as I struggle to catch my dinner.

I cringe when I look down as my waist gets ever thinner.


I am exhausted mentally as I doubt my ability.

My dreams are haunted by peace and tranquility.

These thoughts of beauty twist my reality.

Lack of sleep pushes me ever closer to delusion.

No doubt another outcome of my seclusion.


I am exhausted spiritually as I have lost a sense of purpose.

Survival is all I know, but my knowledge is fading.

The creatures howl in the night, “commence the celebration!”

“It will not be long now; he is ours to devour.”

I struggle to crawl towards the beach as I have reached my final hour.


The sun begins to rise as the creatures close in.

Suddenly a sound that sends them back to their den.

A glimmer of a hope that shines bright across the land.

A boat! A boat! I yell as I scrape myself from the sand.

Using the last of my strength to scream and wave my hand.


Safe at last, from what would seem an eternity of despair.

A voice from my past, echoes through the air.

I remember an idea that washes away my strife.

The certainty that everything in life is an opportunity, whether good or bad.

The ability to utilize both challenges and achievements to grow ever stronger.

The mentality that has kept me alive that much longer.

This idea enables me to recognize all I have done.

I can now close my eyes; it is over, I have won.

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