to the straight boy that doesn't understand

Mon, 01/01/2018 - 00:17 -- smk2358

to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

just like you i find women attractive,

the curves of their hips

the creases around their eyes when they smile

their ability to sway through a distracted room without struggle

but unlike you,

i don’t get a boner each time a girl shows a bit of skin

i don’t get turned on in the locker room after seeing half naked girls

and i most definitely don’t keep asking questions after she says “no”


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

when i tell you i’m gay,

i don’t recite it with hesitation

and in no way do i fall to your intimidation

when i say i’m gay,

i expect an okay

not a canon of questions being launched through dusty air

because no, i will not discuss the

types of girls I’m into

my sexuality is not the pornography that you’re subscribed to

i will not tell you about my first time

or the love of my life if you ask out of curiosity

because, no offense, but i don’t even know you


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

let me tell you right off the bat,

that no, your 6 inch dick will not convert me back to heterosexuality

so please zip that back up before i have to throw up

and don’t assume that your charming words can sway be back also

just as a bearded man won’t invoke you the slightest interest in homosexuality

because my sexual orientation is not a court case and

is not depended on repulsive experiences with dicks like yours

is not depended on past relationships with egotistical males

and is not depended on the notion that penises are horrifying


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

yes, i wear dresses and flowy blouses

and i sometimes i cake up my face

but i also shop in the men’s section of forever 21

and wear blazers to fancy dinners

so there is no need to label me as butch or femme

because in reality,

I’m just me

and don’t confuse that with the way i flaunt my rainbow tongue

and march each year at a parade called pride

don’t assume my sexuality based on looks,

based on the way you wish to see me


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

you often ask how i know that i’m lesbian

if i’ve never had sex with a woman.

but let me just ask you this,

how did you know that you were straight

if you’ve never made a girl reach the pinnacle of sexual intercourse?

my sexuality has not stolen anything from you

and in no way is in debt or owes you any explanation

so please quit with senseless questions and

discuss with me about good taste in music

or the damn weather for all i care


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

i can see us being friends in the future

discussing the outline of lana del rey

or the straight girl you finally managed to hit first base with

but before we become friends,

you must understand

that my sexuality is not a an icebreaker topic

and is not up for meaningless debate.

if you want the truth

or my coming out story

we will have to establish a layer of trust

and if you’re looking for someone to spice up you and your long-term girlfriend’s sex life

please just turn the fuck around

my sexuality is not for your entertainment

and not another thing for you to fantasize about


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

i’m gay

get over it

it’s 2017 and it’s nothing new

i’m no caitlyn jenner or kristen stewart

i don’t deserve all this attention

to be honest with you,

i’m over all your bullshit and insensitive questions

as if my sexuality is in dire need of your approval

to be honest with you,

I’m at that point where i believe that my love is not defined by your opinions or words of doubt

my love is worthy of respect and should not be suppressed by constant suspicion

my love is the same type of love that you’re trying to get but will never receive if you keep your head in that ass of yours

my love will be the love that lasts years and will turn into little children who don’t see love through gender or through body parts

but rather through action and reaction

through sappy love songs

and underrated gestures


to the straight boy that doesn’t understand,

you don’t have to understand

but please note that my love is not yours to judge



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