The Story Of Us

Race is a social invention

Race is a myth

A means of classifying and dividing people like me...


People with dark skin


A skin color that for centuries has been perceived as taboo

A skin color that was passed down from generation to generation by my ancestors

Eventually making its way to me...

Ancestors that suffered, like a comb going through the roots, of my curly black hair


Amongst homosapiens, the only race is the human race




Humans are too blinded by the black and white colors to see this...

Colors that differentiate ¨us¨ from ¨them¨


Race is a social invention

Race is a myth

Aimed to place people in a hierarchy

One in which dark people are inhibited from rising up

Because a bird can't fly if it's trapped in a cage


While people with white skin

Who more often than not are already rich,

continue to ascend like a mountain climber determined to get to the top of the mountain...


Darker skin has always been something that has been stigmatized and looked down upon

For this reason, How am I not to believe that my dark skin is a burden?


Black people have been stripped away from their rights of even being considered a human


Will we become the Brave New World?

Not intimidated by all of this

But instead consuming the false we want to believe is the best, in order to be happy


I live in a society where it’s legal to create ¨designer babies¨

I live in a society where it’s acceptable to sterilize eggs in test tubes

I live in a society where human embryos are experimented with and genetically altered

In order to produce a “model child”?


Words like Preimplantation are coming into play ..

Birth defects?

We can prevent that

You have enough money right ?

Which embryo is healthiest ?

Which embryo will make the ¨better¨ baby?

You can choose that.


White skin, blue eyes, blonde hair...


Who would want a dark skin kinky hair baby?...


NO one.


Because the darker you are, the more socially unfit you are right?

The more of a burden you are to society right?

The more socially inadequate you are right?...


As dark skinned individuals we are taught:


Have a thinner nose


Have smaller lips


Go straight to jail


Your hair is loud just like you


Keep it tamed and hushed down


But Lightskins…... be proud, you're ambiguity is a blessing...  


...Why is being black such a sin?

Why is the course of your entire life predicated on the color of your skin?

Why does the amount of melanin in your skin determine so much?


African Americans were stolen,

traded off and lost among oceans

¨free¨ but their humanity, still in chains

dying one by one being killed off by one stereotype after another

And the justice system

is its partner in crime

But Look deeper than the color of my skin,

Look deep down within.

And problems will begin to fade

when we all can relate


Leave any other division behind




Believing one race is better than the other

Racism was only made to keep power

Power amongst one race because one race always has to be doing better


Created to keep any upcoming immigrants and people of color poor

With racism

Poverty will only always be around


Rest in peace to my ancestors…

I did not know them


We were connected by our history…

We have fought for the same rights

Based upon the pigmentation of our skin

we have been boxed away and cast down by stereotypes


Under this skin we are all 99.9% the same...

This skin is nothing but skin

But Until this is learned, we can not begin


All of our blood is the same,
That runs deep within our veins

With guns they came
With whips and chains
Chains to capture the Dark Continent...

Just because my skin is this way doesn’t mean I was intended to be a slave



So why differentiate ?


You ask why does it always have to be about race?.. Because society has made it that way...


When people tell blacks to “go back home”, if only they meant to the apartment down the street


But I know back home is a foreign land people wish to exile them to

Not knowing that if we all went back to our original ¨home¨

We would all end up in the same place

Because it is easier to destroy something you don’t understand, than it is to embrace it…

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Our world
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