The Story of Mother Nature

It was a bright, sunny day

The hot sun was shining

The sky didn’t look like the usual gray

An old caveman took gigantic steps

Outside of his cave

Thwack, thwack, thwack

The old caveman was as big as a pig

As he went, he felt a big swoosh of air go through his cave

He knew that was Mother Nature’s doing

The old caveman smiled

It was the first day of summer

The grass felt so soft against his bare feet

The caveman really loved nature

And he knew that his summer was just about to begin

The caveman was about to take a walk

When he heard a pair of footsteps

The caveman was pretty curious

They didn’t sound like other cavemen

Who could it possibly be?


The caveman slowly walked back to his cave

Thwack, thwack, thwack

Two teenage boys stood in front of his cave

They looked as though they were lost birds

The caveman was just a caveman after all

What could they possibly want from an old man like him?

They turned around and looked back at the caveman, surprised

The two young boys asked the caveman a question

“Why is it so windy?”

The old caveman said it’s a long story

And invited them inside his cave 

for a cup of hot stoned chocolate

They sat down at his table made of boulders

The two boys slowly looked around with their mouths opened

It’s like they’ve never been in a cave before

Boom boom

The caveman smacked his hands twice on the table 

to gain back their attention

They turned around and the caveman began his story

Once, very long ago, there was a girl named Nature

She was born with the love of nature

One day she came upon a tree

Full of unrevealed secrets

A tree that lead to the power of controlling nature and beyond

Turns out Nature was gifted

The power was meant to be hers

She was the one who was given the power

And she received that power

But the power also contained several hidden secrets

These secrets weren’t exactly good

It was full of thunder and lightning

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Earthquakes and tsunamis

Nature was having trouble controlling her power

Unfortunately, the power was controlling itself in a bad way

Nature couldn’t get a hold of it

So all over the world

different disasters were occurring everywhere

Storms of all such

Nature practiced every single day 

So that she could regain control


A few years later, she finally got it back

She knew different places had to have different seasons

She created snow in Winter

Heat in the Summer

Colorful leaves in the Fall

And different colored flowers in the Spring

Later on, she had kids who were also gifted with the same power

She was called Mother Nature

The wind swooshing 

The sun rising

The rain dripping

The waves lifting

The grass greening

In all of this

You can feel the soul of

Mother Nature

The two kids sat in awe, while the caveman

Got more hot stoned chocolate


This poem is about: 
Our world


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