Stormy weather

You, my dear, are the stone that sinks my stomach

All the birds in the high trees of my thoughts come down to investigate

the trouble you make, gurgling deep down in the depths of my mind

Where has the time gone, wasted on fantasizing our reunion

Everything I used to know is turned all fuzzy and wrong

I don't know why

there's no sun up in the sky

Stormy weather

Can't get my poor self together

It's raining all the time

Stormy weather

beating a mellow tune that makes my musings go numb

Have you heard the Classics reverberating off the rooftops?

They spoke the truth even then

Lena and Ella speaking your name in every doleful note

Have you heard that history repeats itself?

Have you heard that I'm mad about the boy?


You are the stone thrown far out to sea

I love the things you do to me

I search my heart and clutch my breast

to find the course that suites me best

You changed some things

My conscience complains

and nothing will ever be the same

I've fallen so madly in love with you

How have women functioned when there have always been men like you?

They write songs I guess.

And sing them so that girls forever after know they don't suffer alone

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