The Storm


My mind is a whirlwind of emotions 

and thoughts, intertwined with 

facts and logistics, a complicated storm. 


Emotions plague me the most

depression, anxiety, joy, fear, anger

it's human nature, they say to feel.


But feeling leads me to thinking thoughts

that provide negativity, positivity, indifference 

or perhaps I just ponder the test I just had taken. 


The test filled with questions that

i learned in class , yet I studied and studied

and yet the answers are lost, lost in the storm. 


So you see, my mind is indeed a storm 

illuminating flashes and thunderous roars

of feelings, and thoughts, logic and knowledge. 


But do not mistake this for a complaint

through this thunder, lightining, and rain I became

a girl who loves nothing more than the brew of a storm.










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