The Storm

Tue, 10/09/2012 - 12:57 -- APSnell


United States
33° 46' 12.0036" N, 84° 22' 52.1256" W

The sky is dark and haunting.
It speaks with a voice that echoes across the world in omnipotent waves, forcing the weak into the shadows.
Pockets of grey precipitation are illuminated intermittently by a heavenly source.
Eyes widen and ears begin to ring as the sky rips open,
Releasing its treasures upon the heedless world.

A savage wind tears through the limbs of trees and the hearts of the vulnerable.
The world is bathed in an eerie, electric light again.
Screams are lost among Nature’s cruel kiss,
Her violent love encompassing all in her path.
The sky falls upon the world,
Damp and depressing.

The booming voice begins to fade, although it still fosters fear in the mind’s eye.
Nature mends the air above with an invisible needle,
Her fierce sentiments having finally subsided,
And she blesses the world with plentiful sunshine.

Storms will always pass, that I do not doubt,
But is the incidental sunshine worth the disheartening plague that seizes my body beforehand?

It is.
It has to be.



This is absolutely beautiful. I commend you.

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