Stories Left Untold


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You walk a lonely road with no one left

To have and to hold.

Each passing moment you follow the same

Steps, a fool thinking its all new.


Now let me introduce myself

I am death and death alone.

And here I stand before you in

My shadowy cloak of now and then to

Show you the stories left untold.


You started the path as many of us do.

Crawling, stumbling, and walking your

First steps down this road.


But here is where the path now changes,

Its existence barely a thought as you

Dance into the trees.

Now what waits you are glories,

Fantastic scenes and things to climb

To let your spirit roam free.

Though as you know, your soul is

Cold and bored now.


Next comes the part that all of us fear,

The part that makes the woods so dreary.

A fear of danger and all that lurks with it,

That fear that leaves you quaking when I

Come near.

Cliffs hang before you, threatening to crack beneath

You, but still you stand there.

Still you risk the dangers of falling into nothing.


Because its fun.


You've been led along this path your whole life.

Have you thought to stop?

To question?

To dream?

To dare to explore the woods?

No, you haven't.


And now you stand before me at the end of this

Path, wondering what you could've done.

Avoiding me is impossible.

But I'm a reader as you can tell,

A reader of life stories.

Yet all the stories that I read,

Are none that warm my soul.


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