stories from the earth and stars


It's in the night
when I feel myself taking form
the midnight stars clothed in indigo velvet
pressing on my flesh, my soul
giving it substance

and I am being born

out of the myths and the rains and the night time stories
the names and half imagined faces
and their words
discover new life in my mouth
making it mine
yet it's still the afternoon living room homespun tales
and too many books on the shelves
spilling out, falling to the floor
where a girl might trip or chance to look down
open up a world and read
and there might be words
and a girl might wonder

roses for your blood
lavender for your toils
and pansies for your love

love may lie in idleness
but I wait for no man

when the rains come
the earth stirs
and offers up what it knows
so now the sea is at my feet
and I offer up to the stars
what the stars have given
and wait for the waves to take me
that I may rain down upon the earth
and tell it something new.


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