Stories for Change

I’m one man and sometimes I can’t feel any smaller

A kid who gives his all but is done growing taller

Done with the world, wanting no more in life

Than to tear a hole in the sky and see what heaven looks like

See my trick of the trade tracks back to spoken word

Time to break it in break my shell break bad; Heisenberg

So here’s a cliché, albeit a true one

The first step to solve a problem is admitting there is one

I say question expectation, find convention to question

Maybe gender norms are actually a form of oppression

Or why are movies forgetting innovation for more dollars

And we see someone naked before knowing their favorite color

See I want to address the problems we accept and don’t acknowledge

We’re not thinking about the future—I mean, we’re busy with college

But we’re always plugged in, our brains are wired

If that’s our present then our future is the death of desire

Still I think a great future is in range

And I believe we can use stories to create change

To reach out touch the heart, and inspire the mind

Of an audience who takes it in and gives up their time

To architect the future, speak it word by word

The word to pay it back and pay it back and to pay it forward

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