Let us pray!


I never said let us close our eyes,

For like ISIS

Crisis come in seasons,

But He, through love,

Guides based on deeds and reasons,

I can tell about 1914

If you've forgotten,

It was a time when

Chaos ran into rooms,

Bullets built palace on earth

And tongues, nations and nations were rotten,

So why won't I exclaim-

"Ejo lemi o majo,

Erin lemi o marin,

Olugbala ti damilare,"




Even if I sleep in pain

And wake in transgression

Or life seems uneasy

Because crown isn't easy,

Even if I'm drenched in wealth

Like rain, consuming "Efo riro

Pelu medemede to ti matayo"

And my throat is doing jegi-jegi-bam-bam!

My attitude will forever

"Fori bale folori aiye,

Aseda orun,

Seba Oba 'lewelese, Ba mi,"

Nobody can do the things you do

Or love me like the way you love me so,

You are great and merciful, "Alagbawi,

Ina re kose kolu,

Alagbede orun, Awemayeyun,

Eledumare, Oba ti ko labawon."

(C)2019 Mykii Rapoet


Note: The words boldly written are from the Yoruba language,

they depict Ode to God while others are sounds of relish.

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Our world
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