Stop Talking and Do it

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 16:17 -- tigerj

Slam! Going at this because Im going HAM.

By the time im through you'll know exactly who I am. 

I resonate through all the oceans and all the lands.

Being attacked by feelings that many will never understand.

But there are those who are struggling and fighting,

We are Roaring louder than thunder, we are striking harder than lighting

And though the jaws of life continue to thrash and keep biting

those who persist are the ones who are still mighty,

Even though we feel defeated everytime, were still trying.

Even though I feel defeated everytime, I'm not whining.

If you think that you are nothing, than you are truly dying.

If you want something badly, you must keep on fighting ,

If you have given up, you have lost your sense of timing..



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