Stop, Look, and Listen


rochester, ny
43 sheraton dr
United States
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Stop, Look, and Listen... to the words that I say the thoughts in my mind drastically change in many different ways. Wait! Wait! Rewind! No! No! she can't be gone not this time. She was just here now my face is filled with tears. Now all I have are memories replaying in my head. Still in shock I can't even go to bed. Stop, Look, and Listen... She was not old but as young as me. Loved ones filled with heartaches and sorrows knowing she won't be there tomorrow. Again I replay in my mind...that last hi and that last goodbye...I ask myself what if that or this was my last time. What would I leave behind? Dreams? Loved ones? Friendships? It don't even matter, I am thankful that I am actually still able to think. Because God gave me the ability to live, breathe and dream. It's time to Stop, Look, and Listen... You don't have to be old to die, now time is beginning to fly. I'm starting to realize how precious life can be just by loosing a friend who laughed, smiled, and chilled with me. LIFE IS TO SHORT! It's time to Stop, Look, and Listen look at what is around you are you safe or in danger? Listen to the cries of mothers, fathers, friends, brothers and sisters. Listen to what is going on in a sinful world such as this....Now this is the end of my line, praying to write again the next time. But until that day Stop, Look  and Listen to the words I had to say...Stop Look and Listen.


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