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Wed, 03/19/2014 - 17:28 -- mcodyr


Beth was quiet, and Beth was shy.

So harmless she wouldn't hurt a fly.

But Beth lost happiness, and all of her hope.

All at the foot of a harmless joke.

They were making fun and calling names,

In what they called their harmless games.

Their Twitter posts and Facebook laughs,

Went from harmless to malicious fast.


Beth went home and cried each and every day,

Trying to wash harmless tears away.

But tear after tear, Beth only got worse,

Her harmless heart could only hurt.

And after she was hurt enough,

Her harmless heart could no longer be tough.


She hung herself from the head of her shower,

Where she became harmless after an hour.


They hung themselves in the bathroom stalls,

Cries filling their harmless high school halls.


You tell me who was really harmless,

Beth, or those who pretended to be heartless?


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