Stop Asking Why

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 02:46 -- JSW2128


The question we always ask in retrospect is why?
Why did he write a note to which we couldn’t reply?
She never expressed a single pain or tiny sign,
While repeating the empty phrase “I’m fine”.

But are you truly oblivious to their reason?
When society tells us that depression is treason,
We do diligence to put up a facade,
Trying to maintain an emotional fraud.

Remember, be beautiful like the covers of publications,
Even if that means self employed starvation.
Be fit, be smart, be everything but taboo,
Cover over all the different shades of black and blue.

Be infinitely identical to all the rest.
Please, always try to do your best.
When that isn’t good enough, try again.
Mess up, but don’t come crying when.

Ignore the ones that are left behind,
And don’t forget to always be kind.
Hold the pain in, let the lies out.
Riddled and crippled by self doubt.

Be a man of god and follow his will,
Dreams set aside, duties to fulfill.
Be yourself, be amazing, be perfect,
Hold it all inside, begin to disconnect.

Focus on the dismal and concealed thoughts,
Behind closed doors, parents hear the shots,
Or siblings find you hanging there,
A fallen figure, that begs us to be aware.

But we always seem to  forget so fast,
Despite the cliche slogans of the past,
And when the cycle continues, we turn a blind eye,
So we can bear no blame, and innocently ask “why?”.


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