Stop and Smell the Roses

Many people have said, “Life goes on.”
As if to brush aside what has happened or what is happening and move on 
And on and on we go
Often forgetting to look outside
At the beauty
At the majesty 
At the wondrous world surrounding us
At the wondrous people awaiting our appreciation
From the slight breeze tickling the grass between your toes
To the satisfying squish of a freshly baked cookie in your mouth
To the childish glee of lift off as you launch yourself towards the sky on a swing in the park
To the freedom of singing loudly to your favorite song
To the musical tones of laughter
Like chimes 
Breaking through the silence of our daily routine
Reminding us what it means to be human 
Pulling us out from the depths of normality and into the sunshine
To the realization that there is always beauty around us 
If we just stop to listen
To look 
To smell
If we just stop and smell the roses.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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