stone grouper

Wed, 06/09/2021 - 16:42 -- mrapook

Majestic grouper's boulder head
rests on the green soft oceans edge
looking up to the sky as time tic-tocks
natures sculpture, chiseled rock
eons have passed to mold its' bust
foamy tides wrap around its' sandy crust.

slowly eroded and shaped by the sea
natural taxidermist shaped the lee
its' forehead marred by dried dark algae
its' gills sealed shut, no need to breathe
the waves caress the shore to be
guarding the beach from visitors' debris.

its' jutting jaw says you can't hook me
fishermens' monument challenges thee
statue protrudes from a beach shallow
not understanding, people make it hallow
hoping to get their life's big catch
to touch the devines' work of the past.

hundreds of water deities, every culture has made
is there one who'll answer their prayers of the day?
Pontus, fish father, won't answer their calls
protecting his creatures their efforts he stalls,
those fishermen who worship an idol are shown
where they think there's power, it's still only a stone.

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