I stand alone, at a beautiful high throne.  But, friends to me are unknown.  Therefore, my head will always be in the zone.  Forever, I always will be alone.  The place where my heart lies is a stone, cold hearted i've grown.  My love, I always wanted to stay.  But, you stole that from me.  Hatred and anger is what you built in me.  Fog and darkness walks behind me. I wonder is there anyone that can save me.  Today though, will be a new me! The kids that are fortuned to come from me, will be highly praised by many.  I will raise them to always be like royalty.  To always trust God, and he will never forsake the.  Snow falls from the sky as, I look into my future protector's eye's.  He brushes the hair out of my face.  Looking for a private place so, we can embrace and reproduce this quiet place.

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