Stitched Together


In all actuality,

We are not flawless

What we believe,

is a broken reality.


We are broken girls,

We are stitched up and sewed up,

With our toes curled.


In today’s society, we try to mask our scars

We dap on the makeup,




And yet we refuse to see the bars


The bars that trap us in an inner-fantasy

So we shatter our mirrors and say,

That’s not the real me.


The mirror tells no lies, it is the epitome of truth

We are not plastic, silicone or porcelain

We break we shatter we have imperfections


We are flaws, all stitched up together,

So how can we see one girl vs another is better?


Sandwiched with lies, deception and imperfection

Our scars, our bruises, our broken bones

Are all different

The difference is what makes us flawless


And not the image of what people think


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