The Stiller Town

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 01:54 -- wjsmitt

I walk amongst blank faces

People, names, of different races

Old and young and bold and dumb

They welcome me into their town


A town of grey and a town haunted

By the years and years of those departed

And I had been times before

To find the those time had forgot


But now they welcome me

Into their arms, away from thee.

My home is warm and dry and sound

And the whole world a world away.



Around the homes built of stone

The bright faces looked alone

I saw a face I recognized

And called but no answer came


I live not like the world I saw

And I am free from fate and law

The town is quiet and we rest

In our wooden beds and soiled sheets


Despite the quiet, I am not alone

For this stiller town is now my home.


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