Still A Girl


United States
46° 17' 35.9376" N, 119° 30' 38.0484" W

She walked into the center, a baby on her back.
Everything she owned, in a small knapsack.

Mangled hair, a dirty face.
Her eyes pleaded a sorrowful case.

She was but sixteen when her baby girl was born.
He said he loved her, and now her heart was torn.

Her parents kicked her out. Her dreams now long gone.
She had to support her youngin'. Working dusk 'til dawn.

This life was not right for her, a woman still a child.
Could I help this one, this girl so meek and mild?

The papers were in front of her. I handed her a pen.
Tears in her eyes, she gave up baby Ren.

A better life for both, the girl and the baby.
I hoped I made a difference. Maybe, just maybe.


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