Still. Flawless.


A size two is the acceptable look




I sway my hips from side to side, my size eighteen denim jeans with jiggling thighs


Long, wavy, soft, textured hair preferred over kinky coiled hair




I condition, detangle, curl my luscious, thick textured locks


Makeup, makeup, more makeup! Be a professional at the “cat-eye” look




I ask, wonder about which type makeup to use when wanting to paint my face


My bones ache from the tossing and turning the night before




I stretch my sore limbs and continue about my day


My fingers become jittery, I trip over my own two feet while walking




I walk with my head high and smile at every passing individual brushing past my way


I hurt, I cry, horrid thoughts of the past invade my mind at night




I wake the next day, a vibrant outlook on life, planning the day ahead of me


I want. I complain. I can be a pessimist




I outweigh the good with the bad, keeping my head up


I stumble over my words and struggle with conversation




I overcome my timid attitude by making others laugh

Every day I learn, I accept, I cherish myself as an individual


Seventeen years don’t seem long to some but that’s how long I’ve been me


I’ve overcome heartbreak, abuse, anxiety



Nobody can hurt my smile belittle my presence


I’m flawless because


I can overcome a battle


I’m flawless because


There is nobody who can kill my imagination, my creativity, my dreams


I’m flawless  because


I believe in love, in beauty that can be nurtured in everyone


I’m flawless because


I want everyone to feel confident


I’m flawless because


I kept going when I wanted to quit


I’m flawless because


I will keep going until the battle is won


Because I’m Flawless

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