Still Buzzin'

It’s hard to think of just one thing, 

When I consider all that this life will bring

What has inspired me,

What has set me free?

As my Grandma said when I was in a rut

 “Shoot for the stars, and if you land on a mountain, so what?

Since she passed my tears have fallen

But her memory carries on like a bee with pollen 

When I create my drawings, paintings and photographs

I picture her gaze and hear her laughs

I used to show her my finished pieces

Her face would light up with a glow, that never ceases

Now I think of her everyday

And how her love and faith could never fray

So when I’m asked what inspires me

It was, is, and continues to be

Marylin Greene Boman.


This poem is about: 
My family


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