Thu, 08/15/2013 - 13:12 -- Dbunch1


They say I will not succeed 

why judge ?

they say I will fall behind in every class

proved wrong ! 

They say I will be an outcast , looked upon with pity

not even !

they say I will use my disabilty as an excuse to get by 

yall lied !

they said from birth my life would be hard 

but I've shine since then ! 

Hard of hearing people slack in class ! 

Is that why I graduate high school top 20% with a 3.7 g.p.a ?

she will be an outcast and shy !

is that why I ran for an election and won by a land slide ?

is thy why I'm I make new friends and walk around with a smile ?

they suck at sports ! 

Baby I can run a flo Jo ! County winner, n region third up ! 

An excuse ? Pity ? 

there are no excuses in life ! 

Why pity me ? I'm doing fine and by the grace of God I prosper !

they are such slackers an its not they fault !

slack ? I work double over , harder than people that have it way easier than me ! if anything I pity you !

I'm hard of hearing 

but I'm sick of hearing the stereotypes !

i can't , I won't 

but baby I can , I am and I will

My loss has gain me more if anything 

look at me ! I defeat all odds and stereotypes 

so let's go hit me with another one ! 

Because im determined to get back up after very fall ! 






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