Stereotypical society

We the people live in a stereotypical society 

That tells us the people what we need be

Blacks are thought to be thugs

While Muslims and immigrants are terrorist

And white people reap the benefits of white privilege 

But these things are not all true 

You see blacks can be successful and smart 

They aren’t all thugs that sell drugs but some show skill and sell their works of art

All Muslims don’t express themselves with bombs

Some are patriots and are respectable of Uncle Tom

White people are nice not racist or stuck up

Some find themselves working from the ground up

We make these stereotypical expectations 

Therefore adding more false accusations 

We set unfair standards and some live up to them

But not all you see some might just overcome beating the status quo

And maybe you’ll open your eyes and realize your the one that doesn’t know 

The point is never judge a book by a cover

Instead take the time to read its pages no matter what the back cover may read


This poem is about: 
Our world


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